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Cotización diferida. Diferido London Stock Exchange - 01/12 17:35:13
136.5 GBX   +5.41%
15/11ANGLE nombra a su primer director médico
22/09Angle obtiene pruebas de apoyo al desarrollo del sistema Parsortix gracias a un estudio español
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Noticias en otros idiomas sobre ANGLE PLC
15/11ANGLE Appoints First Chief Medical Officer
15/11Angle plc Appoints Todd Druley as Chief Medical Officer
02/11Interim Report June 2021
30/09Angle Considers Nasdaq Listing to Support Growth Plans
30/09PRESENTATION SLIDES 30 SEPTEMBER 202 : Interim Results for the six months ended 30 June 20..
30/09ANGLE plc Reports Earnings Results for the Half Year Ended June 30, 2021
27/09ANGLE plc Announces Parsortix System Demonstrates Ability to Isolate CTCS for Downstrea..
22/09ANGLE : Gets Supporting Evidence for Parsortix System Development from Spanish Study
22/09Angle plc Announces That the Health Research Institute of Santiago
09/08ANGLE plc Announces Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana, Slovenia Publishes Favourable Res..
28/07ANGLE : Shares Jump 6% On Securing New Pharma Contract
28/07Angle plc Agrees A Pharma Services Contract with Another New Customer for Its Recently ..
09/07ANGLE plc Announces Published Results of a New Study Undertaken in Patients with Brain ..
25/06FTSE 100 Set for Muted Start After BOE Decision
25/06ANGLE : Targets $28 Million Capital Raise To Fund Operational Expansion
18/06ANGLE plc Announces Published Results of A New Study Undertaken in Non-Small Cell Lung ..
04/06ANGLE : Annual Report December 2020
04/06ANGLE : Provides Additional Information to US FDA for Requested Clearance of Parsortix Sys..
01/06Angle plc Announces Breakthrough Research Supports Potential Use of Parsortix in Preven..
20/05PRESENTATION SLIDES 20 MAY 2021 : Proactive One2One Virtual Forum
20/05University Hospital Ghent Publishes Results of Research Undertaken in Oesophageal Cance..
11/05Angle's Parsortix System Harvests Intact CTCs for Whole Genomic Sequencing Identifying ..
29/04PRESENTATION SLIDES 29 APRIL 2021 : Preliminary Results for the Year Ended 31 December 202..
29/04ANGLE plc Reports Earnings Results for the Full Year Ended December 31, 2020
26/04ANGLE plc Announces Patient Enrolment Completed in Ovarian Cancer Clinical Verification..
16/04ANGLE : Secures 'Large-Scale' Contract with Pharmaceutical Company; Shares Up 17%
16/04ANGLE plc Secures its First Large-Scale Pharma Services Contract
12/04ANGLE Announces Two Poster Presentations Showcasing the Parsortix® System At the Americ..
30/03ANGLE plc Announces Global Launch of Clinical Services Laboratories
04/03ANGLE : Stock Falls 7% on Delays in Securing US FDA Clearance for Parsortix System
04/03Angle plc Provides Update on Submission for FDA Clearance of the Parsortix System
08/02Angle plc Announces Results of New Study Undertaken in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
20/01ANGLE plc Announces Publication of New Data Demonstrating the Performance of its Parsor..
2020ANGLE : Interim Report June 2020
2020ANGLE : Circular and Notice of General Meeting on 13 November 2020
2020Angle plc Reports Earnings Results for the Half Year Ended June 30, 2020
2020ANGLE plc Announces FDA Completes its Administrative Review and Accepts ANGLE's FDA Sub..
2020ANGLE plc Announces Completion of FDA Submission
2020ANGLE plc Announces Potential Treatment Strategy to Limit Metastasis
2020ANGLE : Research study investigates use of parsortix liquid biopsy for metastatic breast c..
2020Angle plc Reports Earnings Results for the Eight Months Ended 31 December 2019
2020Angle plc Announces That the Performance Demonstrated in Head and Neck Cancer
2020University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf Publishes Results of New Work Undertaken in..
2020ANGLE : Parsortix outperforms other CTC systems in RCC
2020ANGLE plc Announces Parsortix Outperforms Other CTC Systems in RCC
2020ANGLE plc and BioView Ltd. to Present Combined Solution for Circulating Tumor Cell Dete..
2020ANGLE plc Announces That University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf Publish Results of..
2020ANGLE : New study demonstrates potential for parsortix in melanoma prognostication and tre..
2020ANGLE : Study demonstrates Parsortix potential in melanoma
2020ANGLE plc Announces Results of Research into the Use of Parsortix® System with Melanoma..
2020ANGLE : Interim Results for the six months ended 31 October 2019
2020ANGLE plc Announces Its Intention to Change Its Accounting Reference Date from 30 April..
2020Angle plc Reports Earnings Results for the Half Year Ended October 31, 2019
2020ANGLE plc Proceeds with Preparation of the Full De Novo FDA Submission for Parsortix
2019ANGLE plc Announces Breakthrough Research Demonstrates a Parsortix Test Could Avoid Unn..
2019Angle plc Reports Earnings Results for the Full Year Ended April 30, 2019
2019ANGLE : Parsortix used to investigate immunotherapy target
2019ANGLE : Completion of Ovarian Cancer Pre-Study
2019Angle plc Announces Completion of Ovarian Cancer Pre-Study
2019ANGLE : Positive Results from FDA Clinical Study
2019ANGLE : Immune suppressor cells promote metastasis
2019ANGLE : Parsortix used in new cancer assessment technique
2019University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Develops New Technique for Assessing the ..
2019ANGLE : Lung cancer study uses angle's parsortix system
2019Lung Cancer Study Uses ANGLE's Parsortix System
2019ANGLE : Aacr 2019
2019Angle's Parsortix System Showcases in Six Poster Presentations At Leading Cancer Confer..
2019ANGLE : Enrolment complete for fda clinical study
2019ANGLE plc Announces Completion of Enrolment for FDA Clinical Study
2019ANGLE : First subjects enrolled in ovarian cancer study
2019ANGLE plc Announces Ethics Approval Has Been Obtained from the University of Rochester ..
2019ANGLE : Customer demonstrates new use for parsortix
2019ANGLE : Research into role of immune cells in cancer
2019Angle plc Announces High Profile Research Using Parsortix Highlights Role of Immune Cel..
2019ANGLE plc Announces Unaudited Consolidated Earnings Results for the Six Months Ended Oc..
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