Bernard Lord

Bernard Lord

Director/Miembro de la Junta en COGECO COMMUNICATIONS INC. .

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58 años
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Bernard Lord is the founder of Efficiency New Brunswick.
He currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer & Director at Medavie, Inc. and Medavie.
He is also the Chairman of Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association, Inc. and the International Federation of Health Plans.
Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of the Mobile Giving Foundation and as an Independent Director at Cogeco Communications, Inc. He is a Director at Atlantic Provinces Economic Council and the President of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans.
Mr. Lord is a Member of The Canadian Bar Association, the Montreal Economic Institute, the Law Society of New Brunswick, and The Order of New Brunswick.
In his former positions, he served as the President & Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Telecommunications Association Fran?ais from 2008 to 2016.
He also held roles as a Non-Executive Deputy Chairman at Clean Air Power, Inc., an Independent Director at Ontario Power Generation, Inc., an Independent Non-Executive Director at Clean Air Power Ltd., a Non-Executive Director at AEA Technology Group Plc, and as Senior Counsel at McCarthy Tétrault LLP (Canada).
Mr. Lord completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Université de Moncton.

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COGECO COMMUNICATIONS INC. Director/Miembro de la Junta 15/01/2020
The Order of New Brunswick Corporate Officer/Principal -
International Federation of Health Plans Presidente 01/10/2021
Presidente 01/01/2023
Director Ejecutivo -
Corporate Officer/Principal -
Director/Miembro de la Junta -
Director/Miembro de la Junta -
Corporate Officer/Principal -
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Université de Moncton Graduate Degree

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