Corinne Danièle Goddijn-Vigreux

Corinne Danièle Goddijn-Vigreux

Founder en TOMTOM NV .

Fortuna: 120 M $ al 31/03/2024

59 años
Electronic Technology
Consumer Services
Commercial Services


Corinne Danièle Goddijn-Vigreux is the founder and currently holds multiple positions.
She is the founder of TomTom NV (founded in 1991) and TomTom International BV (founded in 1991), where she also serves as the Chief Marketing Officer.
She is also the founder of Codam Coding College (founded in 2018) and holds the position of Director.
In her current roles, Ms. Goddijn-Vigreux is the Vice Chairman-Supervisory Board at Just Eat NV since 2016, Chairman at Sofronie Foundation since 2008, Chairman-Supervisory Board at since 2020, and Director at TomTom, Inc. and TomTom Software Ltd.
She is also a Director at the French Chamber of Commerce & Industry In Netherlands, Managing Director at Tomtom Ltd., and a Member of the Amsterdam Economic Development Board and the French-Dutch Cooperation Council.
Additionally, she serves as a Member-Supervisory Board at Nationale Opera & Ballet and Dutch National Opera & Ballet since 2015.
Ms. Goddijn-Vigreux has previously held positions as an Independent Non-Executive Director at Iliad SA from 2016 to 2020, Managing Director at TomTom Sales BV, Director at The Sutton Trust, and Manager-International Sales at Psion Holdings Ltd.
from 1987 to 1993.
She has also served as the President of Com Nat Conseil du Commerce Exterieur.
Ms. Goddijn-Vigreux completed her undergraduate degree at ESSEC Business School in 1987.
Note: The summary does not include the titles held at TomTom NV and TomTom International BV as they are already mentioned in the founding positions.

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Cargos activos de Corinne Danièle Goddijn-Vigreux

TOMTOM NV Founder 01/01/1991
JUST EAT TAKEAWAY.COM N.V. Director/Board Member -
Chairman 01/01/2008
Dutch National Opera & Ballet Director/Board Member -
Stichting Cooks25 Director/Board Member - Chairman 01/01/2020
Codam Coding College Founder 01/03/2018
Amsterdam Economic Development Board Corporate Officer/Principal -
French-Dutch Cooperation Council Corporate Officer/Principal -
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Formación de Corinne Danièle Goddijn-Vigreux.

ESSEC Business School Undergraduate Degree

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Electronic Technology

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